Sunday, October 05, 2008

codefluent, code generation and destiny :)

At the airport (Casablanca to Paris), I read on a french magazine ("Programmez"), on the cd offered with trial software (one of them was called codefluent.

3 weeks later :
looking for rent in Paris, I get in touch with the owner, we sit an discuss at a coffee place, to find that the owner is a Microsoft France veteran, and has his own company (a Microsoft partner).

we discuss, then agree on the apartment. then on another meeting, we discuss software in detail, to find out that indeed he's the owner of CodeFluent.

I will probably test this code generator, which I'm sure is promising quality when developing .net applications.

The company's name is softfluent, the software is codefluent  

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Sanaa RAMZI said...

hahah what a sweet landlord you got yourself :))