Saturday, June 07, 2008

Development or Business Intelligence

Thinking about the need for Business intelligence, and how close this field has been brought to the developer, it pushed me to dig into it a little, and now, I find myself working with SSIS and SSAS quite a bit, which gave me more flexibility in my conception, and avoid complicating life through coding windows services when SSIS would do a great job;

Also, finally I understand the difference between analytical and transactional databases; Business intelligence principles are important for to understand for many devleopers working in small to medium sized projects, in order to avoid pitfalls such as :

- trying to create dashboards with long running complex queries;

- using C# and windows services, when Sql Server Integration Services could do the job.

- understand where reporting on a transactional database should stop, and switch to an OLAP database

This and a lot more I'm still finding out. Of course, once on a large project, everyone has a specialty, yet, for the last four years, I've been working on small to medium size project (3 roles at ones often), which lead me to work with web development, business intelligence and sql server 2005 administration all at once.

I'll be posting tips on Business Intelligence, that hopefully would be helpful!

here are some useful links for Business Intelligence Videos :

I personnaly have purchased the videos from trainingspot, and they have been very helpful in understanding the concepts, really great!

plannning to check out this integration services videos. not too expensive :)

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Robert Penn said...

Hi, my name is Robert from TrainingSpot and I just wanted to thank you for your post. I'm glad that you liked our videos and that they were able to help! We are working on the Integration Services now, so hopefully you will enjoy those too. Thanks again!

oudinia said...

Hello Robert,

I have been using since the 1.0 version of the .net framework, I could not resist using training spot, which gave me a great introduction to business intelligence. really waiting for Integration services.

Great job for those sites.